Будьте осторожны со своими желаниями: они имеют свойство сбываться

Be careful with your desires: they tend to come true

Do you know the story of the blue bead? Karolinka and her family move to a new apartment and by chance during the move finds a beautiful, shiny, blue-glowing bead, not simple, of course, but magical! And miracles are not long in coming: become invisible, fly over the city, bring toys to life, fill the house with cakes - all this is for Karolinka and her friend Petrek. But not everything is so simple and childish in this story: a blue bead, it is almost like shagreen leather: you need to be more careful with your desires!

The story "The Blue Bead" by the Polish writer Maria Kruger was a great success with children and their parents, and therefore a sequel followed - the book "Hi, Karolinka!", In which the characters already familiar to us find a blue crayon. Also, of course, not the most common. With the advent of chalk around children, various amazing things also begin to happen, but there are nuances: not everything can be drawn.

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