Вот это комиксы!!!

Here are the comics!

This book is half a thousand pages long and weighs a whole kilogram. And the number of adventures in it cannot be counted at all.
Here is:
1. Twins. Girl and boy. Orphans.
2. The same twins, but with disguises.
3. Pirates, sea adventures, islands, treasures.
4. Policemen.
5. Love (but not alone).
6. Ciphers.
7. It was not without blood (just a little bit).
The action is over the top, the plot is very interesting, the art is on top, the characters are developing, the edition is super!
And the common thing for all comics is that these are the most popular books in the home library for children. How many times does a child re-read "Tom Sawyer", novels by Jules Verne or Krapivin? Even very liked? A couple of times, and maybe not re-read. But if you really liked the comic, they come back to it again and again and read it to holes!

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