Все коту масленица

All cat carnival

In Moscow, now, with or without reason, the festival "Moscow Seasons" is held, these are such festive events, during which the city is decorated thematically, fairs, concerts, exhibitions are held, available to everyone. Moreover, in addition to the main venues in the center, local celebrations are held in each administrative district. For the New Year this time Moscow was decorated in such a way that, for me, it so overshadowed Christmas Europe. All this is very cool, and we really want the whole family to get out next week for Maslenitsa festivities at Manezhka. We will not eat pancakes for peace, we will not ask for forgiveness for sins, voluntary and involuntary, and we will not begin a great fast at the end of oil, we are simply for any kipezh except for a hunger strike!
To join the holiday , you don’t even have to go anywhere - the holiday itself will come to us: in kindergarten (we have an ordinary district kindergarten), buffoons entertain children with dance songs, ride a horse in a cart, feed pancakes (how are children in mittens in the cold eating these pancakes together with napkins, I don’t want to think, la-la-la, I’m in the house), in general, everyone is happy, and this is the main thing!
It also seemed to us that a Christmas elf was not enough, so a Shrovetide cat now comes to us on Maslenitsa and leaves notes with tasks and small gifts. What cat loves pancakes? Findus, of course! That's what we named ours. Last year, Findus gave us tasks of a Maslenitsa-spring nature all week long: of course, bake pancakes (figured), germinate an onion, plant flower seeds in a pot, and on the penultimate day he ordered us to make a scarecrow! On Sunday, he said goodbye until next year and disappeared, now we are waiting to see if he will come again...

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