До чего же хороша!

How good is that!

She is not Astrid Lindgren's most famous, but in my opinion one of the best.
Lindgren has philosophical works, books-parables, sad tales ("Mio, my mio", "Little Nils Karlsson", "Brothers Lionheart").
There are quite simple, uncomplicated stories for little ones about children from Gorlastoy street.
And there are books full of life, pranks, fun about the happiest, carefree childhood, "We are all from Bullerby" just like that.
She looks like everyone's favorite "Pippi" and "Emil". Only here a whole company of children is already operating - 6 people, and this alone promises to move! They all live in a village of three houses, there are no other children there, so these six are inseparable. Oh no, sometimes they still get separated, because three girls must have secrets from three boys. And vice versa, of course, too. But basically all games, holidays, all work and study - together!
They even connected the windows of their rooms so that they could climb over to visit each other or send messages by rope mail.
It may seem that childhood in a tiny village is not so exciting, but every day of these guys is filled with such wonderful games that you want to drop everything and wave to this remote village for the holidays. They spend the night there in the hayloft, look for treasure, go to the mill specifically to be afraid of the merman. They come up with a joint-stock company to sell the cherry harvest, save the life of a lamb and themselves barely escape from a furious ram. And they also bake ginger pigs for Christmas, go to visit on a sleigh for the New Year, play a teacher on April 1 and guess on Midsummer's Day.
There is a lot of humor in this book, you will laugh heartily more than once! For example, when you read how two girls were sent out to buy, and they, without writing a list, composed a song along the way, in which they listed everything they need to buy. The song ended with the words "And boiled sausage, the most delicious!" Do you know how many times the girls had to go back to the store? Do the math! :) And guess why they were very angry with this very sausage?;)
And the seventh child was born in Bullerby - and everything connected with this baby is also very funny. One of the boys was shocked at how the baby looked, and kept saying, “Well, a monster! She doesn’t even look like a person!”, And then he still could not understand that this “poor thing” and the sweet baby that he several months at christening - the same child. And the girls, on the contrary, immediately fell in love with the baby and were always happy to tinker with her, and then one day they were asked to stay as nannies for the whole day. At first, the girls were completely delighted, they told each other how to properly communicate with children, that in no case should they raise their voices, let alone swear, but the further the young nannies remained, the less enthusiasm remained, and in the end they decided that pedagogy was not their calling.
All this is described very witty, our reading was interrupted more than once by laughter, and now we often quote this book, which has become one of our favorites.
A few words about the publication. This is a great gift option: large format, snow-white dense pages, many illustrations, some of which are made in the style of oil painting - very unusual. 200 pages of fun for both kids and parents!

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