Захватывающая сказка, поощряющая чистую речь

A gripping tale that encourages pure speech

The last summer before school, Malusya spent at the dacha. Once she went for a walk around the village and ended up on Lomashkova Street - she was going to Romashkova Street, but she couldn’t pronounce it and found herself at the wrong address. There used to be hooligans here - nasty guys who sing nasty songs:
We are Lomashki, we are Lomashki!
Smash plates, saucers, cups!
We destroy furniture, break glass -
Everything is going to be scrapped!
We broke, we broke,
Our fingers are tired!
Let's get some rest,
Let's break again!
Malusya ran away from the pegs and met a strange creature: a cow's head was attached to a stake, and instead of legs it had four pegs sticking out. It turned out it was a cow. Malusya and Kolova continued their journey through this mysterious country together and met a molyak...
Many amazing adventures await the heroes, here are some of them:
- They have to help the unfortunate king with a heavy pillar on his head.
- They'll be smart enough to replace the treacherous wilderness that made everyone deaf by eating it with fragrant pears.
- They will make the mother happy by disenchanting her daughter, who was once turned into a cat, back into a baby.
- They will be captured by the boys who call themselves wolves, howling sad songs at night, and their teeth seem suspiciously sharp.
The path of friends is thorny, dangers lie in wait for them at every step, but the most serious test awaits at the end - this is a meeting with the ruler of this unfriendly land, the mystical Rogopede.
We recommend this book to everyone, not only to those who have speech problems, because, first of all, this is an adventure tale, not a therapeutic one:

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