Играем на Пасху

Playing for Easter

Easter is coming soon, this year Catholic and Orthodox with a difference of a week. On our website and on our Facebook page, we will hold a very interesting promotion and time it to coincide with Catholic Easter, don't miss it! And at home with children we will celebrate the Orthodox, however, with a fair amount of Catholic traditions. Well, what then? We celebrate Catholic and Orthodox Christmas in one way or another, and the New Year twice, here are two Easters - why not :)

We love holidays and prepare for them seriously. For the site, we came up with something bomb, well, you'll see in a week, but now we'll tell you about innovative home customs. Following the tradition of a Christmas elf who comes to children and gives them tasks, a rabbit will come to us on Easter. He will appear at home one night and will leave notes all the week before Easter (moreover, we have it in English, as an additional incentive for learning). In the little notes he tells you to dye eggs, bake cookies, decorate the nursery, do spring crafts, look for chickens that have scattered around the house, and on Sunday, of course, he will leave instructions where to look for gifts.

And since you have read this post to the end, you also have a gift - a hint: for Easter, look for our bonuses in those places that are related to the holiday ;)

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