И только небо тебя поманит синим взмахом ее крыла

And only the sky will beckon you with a blue wave of its wing

Why VIA "Blue Bird"?
Or "we are the hunters of fortune, the ultramarine bird"?
Or this:
"Not for the bluebird,
Following you.
Y - Y - Y - Y
After you, like a blue bird"?
And also the Blue Bird All-Russian Competition for Young Talents, the Natalya Sats Theater with the emblem - a blue bird, and even the first Soviet passenger plane was called the Blue Bird!
The symbol is so ingrained that it seems like it must be rooted in the deep past, perhaps connected with mythology, with different cultures and languages...
In fact, it turns out that no - all the blue chicks flew out of Maeterlinck's play! Before her, the blue bird was not a metaphor for happiness.
The play "The Blue Bird" by the Belgian playwright went around the world very quickly and with great success a little over a hundred years ago. It is interesting that at first there was a play, the text was reworked into a fairy tale later, and not by Maeterlinck himself, but by his wife.

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