Книжные сталкеры Тату и Пату

Book stalkers Tatu and Patu

I first heard about the big-headed freaks with strange names Tatu and Patu in 2006: my friends secretly admitted that they could no longer see these books, because children simply adore them and can re-read them endlessly! The modest circulation of the translated edition quickly dried up, and then for many years the same parents hunted with passion for the sometimes pop-up remnants of Tatu and Patu. In the original language - Finnish - 20 books about these heroes have already been published. Prestigious book awards, impressive print runs (about 100,000 copies), numerous performances, as well as a full-length New Year's film adaptation with the intriguing title "Cinnamon Armpits" with hot Finnish guys in the lead roles testify to the fact that Tatu and Patu are dearly loved. It all started with a guide to Helsinki, the capital of Finland and the hometown of the co-authors, the married couple Sami Toivonen and Aino Havukainen. Later, their guide was published throughout Finland, as well as a whole series of books about Tata and Pata translated into many languages.

Until recently, only five stories were known to Russian-speaking readers: "Tatu and Patu go to work", "Inventors", "Instructions for falling asleep", "In Kindergarten" and "Superheroes". I recently discovered the return of this book series in Russian, and my happiness knew no bounds - after all, I gave away all mine long ago. In addition, one of the most recent stories about the brothers, New Year's, has been added to the already known ones.

Who would have thought back in 2006 that these "almost comics" would become almost the first reference book of my three-year-old?!

Long before my son was born, I carefully collected a children's library at home - more for my own "inner child". And although our house is literally littered with children's books for every taste, Lyova remained indifferent to them for quite a long time. The exception sometimes were books with "windows", which he enthusiastically tore off.

In this regard, I had to make some not the most pleasant discoveries related to my favorite bedtime reading in my childhood. Firstly, it turned out that I prefer to read for my own pleasure and I feel sorry for giving my books to a child to be torn to pieces. Secondly, it turned out that I do not like to read aloud at all.More precisely, I do not have the patience to do this in parallel with children's attempts to quickly turn the pages

But I didn't lose hope! And picture books have become a lifesaver for us.

Eric Karl's famous "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" was only tasted around the age of three, despite my sophisticated attempts with finger paints and home performances. True, the cartoon and the game application on the phone on the hungry caterpillar played a significant role in this, which really helped us out on long trips. While books in general are having a hard time with toys, cartoons, and a booming children's entertainment industry in recent years, it's these complementary products that helped us arrive at the book itself.

The culture of comics has finally taken root in Russia: in just a few years, the shackles of negative ideological connotations have fallen from them, a new wave of Hollywood film adaptations has brought the necessary context, more and more daredevils are opening specialized publishing houses and shops, thematic festivals are held more and more often ... But what « Tattoo and Patu will be my own son's first book to read? I didn't expect this.

Although these comics also assume the perception of a very young "reader" - the text can be not read at all or read selectively in a chaotic order, and thanks to the "cartoon" illustrations, Lev tries to determine by the facial expressions of the characters what they feel: "Is he scared?" “No, he was surprised.” It might not be the best textbook on facial expressions, but so far no other book has interested him so consistently.

Of course, for Leo, this series is a bit "for growth", because at the age of 3, the whole palette of delights is still inaccessible to a child - for example, from the play on words in the names of the ingenious inventions of Tatu and Patu. But I noted a few points that interested him.

In "Instructions for Falling Asleep", he is especially impressed that he is no longer the smallest baby, like Tatu and Patu's niece, and that he can already take care of someone younger than himself. He was very impressed by the non-pedagogical porridge truck and the process of feeding porridge from a toy train.And, of course, he becomes overjoyed when I draw a massage mattress and a “jelly bed” (although it all ends up with jumps that are not at all conducive to sleep on our completely ordinary bed, turned into jelly by the power of fantasy)

In The Inventors, he is fascinated by the complex title itself, which could serve as a speech therapy trainer.

A wake-up-feed-clothing apparatus and a brooch at such a young age, apparently, are not very relevant, and a turn with a hair adder makes the son bewildered - why? But I can't explain it myself.

By the way, in those rare moments when "Tatu and Patu" take a break from children's flipping, their husband examines them not without interest. Not many books in our large library have received such an honor!

There are still a couple of months before the New Year, even the snow has not really fallen, but it is the New Year's story that is especially popular with us. Dad saw that the Christmas tree was soldered with mulled wine. And I (of course, I also do not stay away from studying “Tatu and Patu”) was especially pleased with the discovery that the joke about pineapples-bananas is perfectly converted into Finnish, which means that we can safely go to visit the Finnish Santa Claus , without risking being left hungry without knowing the language (I hope Leo does not follow the example of Tatu and Patu and does not check Santa Claus for authenticity).

But I would like to hope that soon the whole series about Tata and Pata will become available in Russian, because we have already read the previous books to holes!

Natalia Klevushkina

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