Магия, зверюшки и школьная жизнь

Magic, animals and school life

Very interesting books for girls from the famous English writer Holly Webb.
The series "Lottie and the Magic Shop" tells about an ordinary girl who, by the will of fate, becomes involved in the world of magic (yes, there must be such a book about a girl!).
Lottie visits her uncle, the owner of a pet shop, and discovers that the animals here seem to understand human language and act strangely in general. Lottie soon learns that she is a witch herself. However, in addition to practicing magic, she will have to go to a regular school, make friends, hide her magical abilities, suffer from bullying, and generally lead a double life.
Unfortunately, there are no illustrations in these books with such promising, pretty covers, but the stories themselves are so fascinating that one can forgive the publications for this small flaw.

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