Мечтатели и первопроходцы Торбена Кульманна

Dreamers and pioneers by Torben Kuhlmann

"Lindberg", "Armstrong" and "Edison" is a trilogy about brave mice discoverers who are not afraid to do something unusual and out of the ordinary, such that the rest of the mice will only twist their paws at their temples. And then they will admire the crazy hero and carry him in their arms, because it is thanks to such desperate loners that the mouse race moves forward.

Torben Kuhlmann spends two years writing each book, and it shows. Amazing illustrations on coated paper, with carefully drawn details and detailed diagrams of various inventions. The text in them is secondary - it might not exist at all, but the books would be just as good. They are able to awaken the dreamer and adventurer in the most serious adult and inspire the feats of the most shy child.

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