На груше в поисках суши

On a pear in search of sushi

There are books that everyone likes: children, parents, boys, girls, toddlers, and big boys. “The incredible story of a giant pear” is one of them, which is not surprising: the author is Jacob Strid, a Dane, heir to the great and mighty Scandinavian children's literature.

The main characters, a cat and an elephant, embark on a perilous sea voyage to rescue their friend from a mysterious island. And they float on a pear, which serves them as both a ship and a home. In this incredible tale, text and illustrations play equally important roles and do not exist without each other, but together they make this book a bomb! By the way, this phenomenon is called synergy: this is when the components individually work poorly, and when combined, they perform much better. But it's just us, we decided to suddenly show off our knowledge... And "The Incredible Story of a Giant Pear" is a bit like Gerald Durrell's "Talking Package": there is also a secret message, and exciting adventures, and animals, and magic, and a dragon.

This year, a very nice full-length cartoon based on this fairy tale was released, it is quite close to the text, although there were some differences. Some scenes on the screen are mesmerizingly beautiful, for example, a journey through the inky sea: lights flash in the dark, fireworks shine, ghosts (not scary) flicker. I think every kid would love to be there for a minute.

This tale has a very hopeful ending that leaves room for imagination and doesn't reveal all the mysteries, so fingers crossed for a sequel!

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