Низкие цены на подарки для русской школы на Новый год

Low prices for gifts for the Russian school for the New Year

As you know, when the choice is between candy and a Lego set, the best solution is to give all the children books! And no, the children will not be upset or offended. After all, they ate candy on Halloween, and they already have fifteen Lego sets. Children will be delighted with bright, interesting, delicious-smelling books that can be re-read more than once or twice, not like sweets;)

We help parents choose the best books for school gifts. Write to us, what is the age of the children, what is the budget and how many people are in the class, and we will definitely offer you several options to choose from - something entertaining, something instructive, and of course - Something magical Christmas. We bring books for classes by special orders to get the right amount, and the prices for them are the lowest!

It doesn't matter what your budget is - $5 for a gift, $15 or $25 - we will definitely find something good.

Write to us in advance. If the Christmas tree is in early December, then it is better to contact us right now in order to have time to request prices, approve options and bring books.


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