Ностальгия по детству

Nostalgia for childhood

I enter the room, both timidly and impatiently, where the New Year's miracle must have already taken place. Here, on a stool, intricately decorated with cotton wool, my beauty bared her teeth with rare branches - a one and a half meter PVC Christmas tree! The day before, my brother and I dressed her up in the same way as millions of Soviet families did: clothespin toys made of very thin glass, which crumbled in our fingers with any wrong movement. There was a pyramid, and a hare, and a Russian beauty, and an oriental beauty, and some pretty old woman in a red scarf, and there were also plastic balls with a cavity surrounded by luxurious plastic lace, something small could be hidden in this cavity, it was reflected there in the mirror surface, and there were also bizarre balls, a bit reminiscent of an apple bitten on all sides, with depressions in the glass. In the end, we varnished everything with tinsel and rain. There were problems with the rain: firstly, if it was last year's rain, it had to be untangled first, and secondly, the plate on which it was held had to be hidden somewhere inconspicuously. Where to put her? Is it possible to shove it under the tip ... By the way, why is it raining, is it winter?
So I'm running to the Christmas tree, and there are the flagship positions of the "Children's World": the game "Electronics: Wait a minute!" for me and table basketball with buttons for my brother! And, yes, two more plastic bags, stuffed full of sweets and - sweet gifts are not only harmful, but also useful! - a couple of tangerines. For some reason, in childhood, all tangerines were loose and sweet, and easy to peel. And our friends received the same packages with loose tangerines, luxurious "Roasting" in a green wrapper and "Snowball" caramels for the new year. Friends came to visit us, enjoyed the role of a wolf catching eggs on the tiny screen of "Electronics", and the next New Year they themselves became happy owners of the same game. And we went to visit friends, and, impressed by what we saw, asked our parents or Santa Claus to give us "Monopoly", a programmable all-terrain vehicle or an electric board game "Catch a fish".
Atlas "World and Man", "Tales of the Peoples of the World" under purple and "Tales of Foreign Writers" under yellow cover, a book with three fairy tales: "Mowgli", "Carlson" and "Winnie the Pooh" were like these toys, almost in every home. We are so different, but still we have common memories!

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