Пластинки фирмы "Мелодия"

Records of the company "Melody"

A unique genre - audio fairy tales by the Melodiya studio - has imperceptibly gone into the past. These are not just fairy tales read in different voices - these are independent works, with a script written for them, music and impeccable casting. Many of these records were genuine masterpieces, even surpassing the original in some ways. For example, the rather complicated and convoluted "Alice in Wonderland" turned into an elegant musical fairy tale with wonderful songs. Listen to everyone - Wow! Hey gay! - me, a parrot, a pirate of the seas! In particular, Alice, it seems to me, appeared in general only so that later on her basis new works, artistic or applied, would be born.
Did you have a record "Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves" as a child? If not, listen now, you won't regret it, I promise! Ali Baba there Tabakov, Zeynab - sweet-voiced Tatyana Nikitina, chieftain of robbers - Dzhigarkhanyan. They all speak with a slight oriental accent, sing hit songs and utter oriental wisdom. Then you will sing songs with the whole family, so they sink into the soul! Persia, Persia, fruit paradise...
"The Golden Key", "Nils' Journey with Wild Geese", "Old Man Hottabych", "Dwarf Nose" are also my favorites. Now we listen to these tales in the car and, so as not to waste time, while eating. Some people find it more fun to eat soup, while others remember how the needle touches the surface of the plate, a characteristic crackle is heard, and the fairy tale begins...
Did you have any favorite records?

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