Предупреждать надо о таких вещах!

You need to be warned about these things!

I asked my husband on his 30th birthday what advice he would give to himself now if he could go back 10 years. "Buy bitcoins," he blurted out without thinking. Damn, that's for sure... But I was waiting for an answer about high matters... Well, if all the material issues of our family in the present were resolved with the help of this wise message to the past, then I, then, will be able to give imagine a younger less practical advice.

"I'm not going to become a biologist," I said to my girlfriends, running away from the biology lesson to the hairdresser. Now I am a florist, I had to learn the sixth grade program in botany at the age of 30 in order to pass the exam. I heard about monoecious and dioecious plants and cotyledons as if for the first time, by golly.
“Well, if it’s not given to me, then you won’t learn it in any way, do it for me” - with these words I pushed my drawing album to my friend who draws well. Now I had to go to sketching courses, because clients want to imagine how the decoration of the celebration will look like.
"I am a humanist, and I am not at all obliged to understand your physics!" Hmm, and knowing how a car works in general would be useful here, in a broken-down car in the middle of an empty highway, if only I could explain...

"You can draw everything on a computer!" "Why count by hand when there is a calculator?" "What difference does it make to me, what is another name for acetylsalicylic acid, I won't use it inside!"

In general, Kat, I'm coming to you from the future. Go, Kat, to the hairdresser's after class...

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