Приключения волшебного кресла

The Adventures of the Magic Chair

Such a story: two children have at their disposal a chair that can fly and can take passengers to any magical place. Children, of course, do not miss the opportunities that have opened up. They visit the giant's castle, the dwarf village that looks like a mushroom clearing, and the vanishing island, which lures travelers with luxurious flowers and the melodious ringing of bells.
Children will visit the land of dreams, where the most unpredictable metamorphoses will happen to them: an armchair will turn into a dog, a dog will turn into a duck, a duck will turn into ice cream, peas will turn into balloons, children will also turn into balloons, and a clown will turn into policeman.
One day the chair will steal the cat (or vice versa: the chair will steal the cat, it's up to you to see) and
They will both be captured by the treacherous sorceress Kirri-Kirri. The children will of course go to the rescue.
Different adventures are waiting for children, there will be dangerous and risky ones among them, there will also be very pleasant ones. So, for example, a holiday in the palace of a good wizard will be remembered by all sparkling miracles. The wizard will conjure everyone his favorite dish, make flowers grow out of thin air, silver spoons will turn into goldfish, hares will dance on their ears, and cats will play violins. And finally, the guests will get eggs as a gift, but what will hatch from them the next day? It's a secret!
And more:
- magic paint that makes objects invisible (try painting the nose with it! ;
is a mischievous and naughty Nosopyr, what an intriguing name!
- a naughty chair like your Santa Claus is trying to dive into the chimney;
- a suspiciously polite goblin is up to something...
But a chair doesn't always function as a vehicle, sometimes it's just furniture. To take off, the chair needs to grow wings, and this is an unpredictable thing. When will this happen next? Will it take off or not? Shall we travel today or stay at home? Suspense on every page!
Exciting Adventures for Preschoolers and Primary Schoolers: Magic Chair Adventures

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