Так ли хороша классика?

Is the classic really that good?

As one famous movie said, "The world is changing. Music is changing. Even drugs are changing." And children's literature also does not stand still. Many books are becoming irrelevant, and now I'm not even talking about outdated realities (pioneer childhood, for example), but about an outdated worldview. Upbringing is changing, the approach to children is changing, and, frankly, thank God!
As a child, I loved Agnia Barto's poems, but now I can't read them without inner protest: her children are all crybabies, sluts, lazybones and deceivers. It is very felt how the children's poetess is annoyed by those who do not walk in formation with everyone else, but show their individuality. She was a tough person, and her attitude to the world, her categoricalness, her desire to denounce and read lectures are clearly visible in the verses.
And recently I decided to listen to Zoshchenko's children's stories with my child, expecting for some reason mild humor and a bright atmosphere. Why did I decide so? From my childhood, I only remembered the story "Galoshes", in which Lyolya and Minka, brother and sister, sold galoshes to a junk dealer and bought ice cream for themselves with the proceeds. For some reason, I remembered that it was very funny. But in the end, such a severe punishment awaited the children for such a slight offense that I could not even explain to my surprised child why. Why did the father forbid the children to eat ice cream for two whole years and sold all (absolutely all!) Children's toys. And dad really remained adamant all two years, horror! But before, perhaps, it was the norm? In other stories, it’s not any better (grandmother is especially good there!), so I somehow explained to my son that now children are not brought up like that, and we never returned to Zoshchenko.
Of course, most adults (in Russia at least) continue to treat their children the way their parents treated them in childhood, but still the shift is noticeable: many mothers understand the need for changes in parenting. And in the books of modern authors, we will not find moralizing, accusations and humiliation. Long live the new!

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