Успеть добежать до канадской границы

Make it to the Canadian border

I heard on the radio here that children should be taught to read from an early age. So they said, start, they say, to read books to your child from the age of two ... But what to do until two years old? M? They didn't say that. Probably, "not to deprive a child of childhood," as some grandmothers and other prominent specialists in education say. Sorry, this is private...

And modern books for the little ones are masterpieces of publishing art! How to capture the minds of kids and attract the attention of parents? Russian folk tales have already been published a million times with illustrations for every taste, what else can be done new? Tough competition forces publishers to come up with new moves, which is great! Because the kids now get not just a fairy tale, but a toy book, and all sorts of special effects are not there: windows, stickers, laces, puzzles, theaters ... I would play and play myself! Well, actually, I'm playing, thanks to the child for my second childhood.

I also really like the element of multitasking in these toy books: you need to simultaneously perceive the text by ear and perform some task with your hands, developing fine motor skills along the way. So "Turnip" turns into a whole performance, "Where did the sparrow dine?" into a risky attraction, and encyclopedias with windows unobtrusively set the stage for Perelman's "Entertaining Physics", well, it's not far from MIT ... The main thing is to start on time, grandmothers.

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  • Вика

    Мы начали читать, когда дочка была еще у меня в животе. Читаем вслух каждый день, от книг не оторвать!

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