Учимся читать

Learning to read

It's good to be able to read! But how difficult it is to teach and learn this :( Not only technically, but also morally: the child quickly gets tired, distracted, fidgets, the parent forces, gets nervous, does not understand how one can not distinguish "M" from "I". And this endless trading:
- Also this paragraph.
- No, I'll just be this little one.
- Until the end of the page.
- No, just up to this point!
- Mom, I'm so tired that I can't even read.
- Kitten, it's only 10 am...
I want to share our life hack. From a very young age, my child was very fond of swinging, so he could hang out for hours until you take it off. It strained me: firstly, instead of moving and communicating, he sits still; secondly, it was very annoying to download it, it's boring. And then I decided that it was no longer possible, it’s a sin to waste time, and we began to fly around the entire solar system on a swing, at two years old my son already knew the names, size and color of all the planets; then we flew by plane across the continents, studied their flora and fauna; And then I printed out cards with letters. M is a Mazda, I am a Jaguar, and my car fanatic quickly linked a squiggle in his mind with the make of a car. And then she also passes by - they fixed it!
Maybe you have processes that would do well to diversify? For example, a child eats slowly, and an unobtrusive study of letters at meals could add a pleasant variety to your breakfasts, lunches and dinners? Or are you used to swimming for a long time? So there is a place to stick magnetic letters in the bathroom!
And when all the letters were learned, we switched to comic book format: short phrases with picture support - just what you need to start. So we slowly switched to serious literature, although, of course, I still have a few more years to read books aloud before going to bed.

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