У меня была такая книжка!

I had this book!

It happens to you, you see a book, and memories immediately come flooding back, and childhood, and grandmother, and the smell of pancakes in the morning... well, that’s how it is with me, but you, perhaps, have a dacha, and summer, and a bicycle. Or mother, and a sweet potion, and lying in bed all day because you are sick, and reading, reading, reading ... Everyone has their own childhood, and we all had the same books, and very many of us equally sweet squeezes the heart, and I want to open, re-read, remember, and share this light and aching with my children.

And we do that, and sometimes - bull's-eye, read avidly, and re-read, and the book is still just as good, both for us and for the children. All Uspensky is like that. "Uncle Fyodor" is still the same: both in books and on TV. And with new cartoons, he completely played with new colors, became even closer and more understandable to children. And about "Down the Magic River" and say nothing. There are all our favorite characters, and our children also really like them: Baba Yaga and Leshy, Koschei and Vasilisa the Wise, Serpent Gorynych and Cat Bayun. They ask her again and again, again and again. And the book is not small, but they know it by heart. I can no longer read it, I feel sad, sometimes I fall asleep, sometimes I get confused in words. And they invariably stop me and correct me: “Mom, not in a human voice, but in a human one!”. And then we watch an old movie together, and they like it, and they ask for more. And - let's go: Marya-Morevna, Fire, water and copper pipes, Morozko, Varvara-Krasa - another such bridge along which you can lead your children and show them what we lived when we were just as small.

And sometimes it comes out funny. Many modern parents have probably faced this: you take Chukovsky, you start reading to your baby. This is one of his first books, and it's great and fun: now, we're already reading books! And then...

And what a mother

Agree to give

His dear child -

Bear cub, wolf cub, baby elephant,-

To an unsatisfied scarecrow

Poor baby


They cry, they die,

Children forever

say goodbye.

And now you are already starting to skip words and change them on the go: "He ran along the path, and he... rubbed his legs", and you don’t understand how it is that you didn’t remember about these cut legs , which means that in childhood they didn’t hurt you much, but you can’t read such a child! Or here's "Mishkina porridge": there my mother left them alone in the country, and left for the city. And they are there for eight years, probably, and they cook their own porridge. Here, the child’s eyes are already rounded, and he does not understand: “Why did mom leave them alone?”. Well, what can I say? Because it was like that before. Now it's different, and something is already very difficult to explain. But you can try. Open the book, say, you know, when I was little, and...go ahead!

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