Четыре идеи для детского праздника

Four ideas for a children's party

In our family, children's birthdays were celebrated on the same scale as adults: with a bunch of guests, a full-fledged festive table, gatherings until late; and plus, unlike adults who just ate, drank, sang and danced, there was a holiday program. Of course, my mother took care of all this. On the festive table during tea drinking, we always had meringues, mushroom biscuits, nuts with boiled condensed milk, crispy wafers rolled into a tube (I am writing now and I am horrified, realizing how long it takes to prepare sweets). The cake, however, was purchased, "Flight" is highly desirable.

Mom also came up with games and contests, bought prizes, prepared musical accompaniment. And that's the fun part!

When all the guests were gathered, salads were eaten and gifts were presented, the cultural and entertainment program began. In my opinion, not a single birthday was complete without a game of forfeits. Everyone chose some small items for themselves, put them in a common bag, and chose a leader who would come up with tasks. The host turned away, mother pulled out one item at random from the bag and asked: “What should this phantom do?” Obvious tasks like singing a song or crawling under the table and barking quickly got boring, and I had to come up with something more interesting: kiss the birthday girl, take a piece of cake to the neighbors for the health of the newborn, eat a slice of lemon, dance rock and roll with dad.

To the perky song "Hands up, baby, hands up» groups Ottawan (by the way, I looked, the group is French, relations with Ottawa no) we passed the ladle around in a circle, and the one who had it in his hands when the music ended abruptly was eliminated. That is, this is a variant of the game "Free chair" in a small apartment.

Blindfolded drawing on paper made a creative pause into unrestrained fun. And a flower with petals according to the number of guests was cut out of the drawing paper, and each guest wrote on the petal some wish for the birthday girl :)

Well, the highlight of the program - cut the gift! A rope was stretched in the room, on which various small souvenirs wrapped in paper were hung, each blindfolded participant made his way to the rope and cut off what he came across; so it turns out that the tradition of giving presents to your guests is rooted in the distant Soviet past.

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