Мнемоника для детей

Mnemonics for children

First of all, it's just a fairy tale for preschoolers. But the fairy tale is not simple, but educational: it contains an interesting life hack!

The baby elephant has a memory gap, and he is worried: he is an elephant, but elephants remember everything! A good friend owl tells him that there is a way not to forget about the important. And here one of the mnemonic techniques is revealed to the readers: imagine the items to be remembered in your own house, but come up with funny circumstances for them.

For example, you needto bring to a picnic:
- blanket
- ice cream
- kite
- badminton rackets

How can you not forget anything here? Imagine that you open your front door, and instead of a rug there is a plaid in front of it, then you go into the living room, and there is a giant ice cream hanging from the ceiling, go to the bathroom - tiny sandwiches fall from the tap, look into the kitchen - a kite is boiling in a saucepan , and in the nursery, two rackets themselves are thrown over by a shuttlecock.

After you figure it all out yourself, it will be enough for you to mentally walk around your house to remember all the things on the list.
The fairy tale, despite its great benefits, is very simple and fun, quite suitable for children three years. And due to the fact that the book has a very large print and pictures on each spread, older children will be able to learn to read from it.

"I forgot something, and I don't remember what" - HERE

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