Не сердись, мамочка!

Don't be angry, mommy!

Here's another book about love and family.

A fox this time with three children growing up in it.
It's a very nice family, but the children behave like children... Sometimes they don't want to study, but want to mess around; sometimes break things; it is very difficult to get together with them somewhere, because they rassosolivat-rasmusolivat. Well, many recognize in these situations their own families, breakfasts, gatherings, activities.

And, like many books about family life, this one is not only for children, but also for parents. Mothers will compare their behavior with children to the reactions of a mother fox. Dads, perhaps, will pay attention to how many worries lie on mother's shoulders. Well, the children will think about whether it is easy for parents to endlessly control themselves and not get angry. These kind stories (there are three of them in the kizhka) will once again remind readers that the basis of the family is always love.

A beautiful book, designed in the style of 19th century stories about English manors: muted colors, tinted paper, many everyday details: dishes, food, fabrics; and floristry, monograms - as if passing through a lush garden at sunset, you enter an old mansion illuminated by the rays of the setting sun.

"Don't be angry, Mommy!" - HERE

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