Отправляемся в кругосветку!

Let's go around the world!

When it's snowing or raining outside. When you want to sit at home and not go anywhere. When it's dim outside the window, but your heart is sad... Then it's time to go on a trip around the world! Andes and Table Mountain, Incas and dervishes, vultures and lemmings, sushi and vegemite (whatever that means). With the game "Tour-Kultur" you will travel to different countries, get acquainted with their culture, history, geography, cuisine and art. Each card is a clue for a new story, a path to the unknown. How to resist and not read more about Robin Hood, not to find out what kind of paintings Van Gogh painted (mom, what does the ear have to do with it?), not to watch a video about proboscis monkeys?!

The game contains a double-sided puzzle board, a bunch of cards and a brochure with basic information about the places, objects, phenomena and personalities encountered in the game. The little ones play on the colored field, the bigger children - on the black and white one. The task is to turn over the cards and find the things depicted on them on the map. But this is just the foundation, the framework, but discussions, stories, searches in encyclopedias and the Internet to find out more about anything that interests you - this is where the essence of the game and the pleasure of it lies.

Tour of Cultures Board Game - here

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