Ахой! Подборка пиратских настолок!

Ahoy! A selection of pirate boards!

1. "Pirate Adventures": draw cards from the deck and build a pirate ship. You may get a part of the ship or money, but be careful: you can pull out something completely wrong!

2. "All aboard!": barrels, emeralds, fish and bearded men. Cards, tablets and chips. Here you need to talk with other players, think quickly, be able to listen and remember. Stylish and smart game.

3. "Treasure Island": a game for teenagers with the very heroes of the Soviet cartoon:

4. Overboard: You are shipwrecked and trying to get to land, but the lifeboat has no food and is full of gold. For him, you will fight with other survivors. And not only for wealth, but also for weapons, and for a place in the boat, otherwise you can get rid of each other by throwing them overboard. Action-packed, atmospheric game with characters whose character is written on the cards.

5. "Wright Brothers Gang" bonus. Not about pirates, but about air pirates! Loot airships, but beware of each other and the sheriff! Don't click, act quickly!

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