Учиться читать смешно!

Learning to read is funny!

Just funny!

These books are for kids who can already read single words, it will take you to the next level - reading in whole sentences.

With the help of card-pages on a spring block, the child will be happy to compose funny fables:

- Masha rolls a thick soup.
- A well-fed giraffe mutters in a box.
- A penguin lives in warm syrup.

But if you don't want to turn a serious learning process into a joke, you can do it so that everything is chin-plane:
Fedya is eating a cherry pie. Grandpa is pushing a thick oak tree.
A well-fed crocodile hiccups in the river.

And also in these books - pay attention! - sentences are sorted by composition, so that it is immediately remembered what the subject, predicate, definition and object are. And parts of speech, by the way, are also convenient to learn in this way.

The famous Zhenya Kats

came up with these amusing books

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